Do I need to do a tax return?

The deadline for submitting a self assessment tax return is now rapidly approaching (31 January).  Although you’ve now missed the deadline for registration, HMRC are more likely to penalise you if you submit your tax return late, or pay your […]

Changes to dividend taxation

The 2016/17 tax year saw a significant change to the way dividends are taxed when received by individuals, and if you are a small business owner this could have a major impact on your tax bill. What has changed? As part […]

P11d deadline is almost here

If you employ people and provide them with benefits in non cash form, like private medical insurance or company cars then you only have a matter of weeks before you have to submit your annual P11d returns. This requirement might […]

Self assessment deadline is looming!

For individuals who are required to file a tax return under self assessment, the deadline is fasting approach – just over 3 weeks to go! To avoid the risk of fines, or simply to take away the pressure of having […]