Virtual Finance Director/Controller

We recognise that many small businesses have limited budgets that cannot accommodate employing a more senior level of finance employee.  However, the experience, skills and knowledge that a chartered accountant can bring can often make the difference to such organisations.

For this reason, Jameson Accounting aims to offer this resource in a flexible, affordable way.  Such a service can be totally tailored to your requirements and budget:

  • level of resource (Finance Director or Financial Controller);
  • time spent – from one day per quarter;
  • scope of involvement – this will depend in part on the previous two points, but beyond this we can completely tailor the areas we look at.

All of these areas will be mutually agreed upon at the start of our engagement, and as with all of our services we are happy to hold an introductory meeting on a free of charge, no obligation basis in order to better understand your needs and how we can best serve your business.  Please contact us for more details.