Accounting and bookkeeping

If you are running a business of any size, you will need to keep appropriate financial records relating to your activities.  Jameson Accounting works with businesses in Bedford and the surrounding areas, advising them on accounting matters and assisting them with their bookkeeping.

Accounting servicesBookkeeping

Running a successful business means maintaining control by keeping proper accounting records, which are also essential to support your annual accounts and tax returns.  We can provide bookkeeping services at a frequency to suit your needs, leaving you the time to concentrate on growing your business.

With up to date accounting records you can be more confident of your cash flows and business projections, with the added bonus that the production of your annual accounts will be quicker and cheaper.

Sole Trader Accounts

We can prepare your sole trader accounts from your accounting records.  Since these accounts will be used in your self assessment tax return, we will ensure they include all tax allowable expenditure.

Partnership Accounts

Where two or more individuals operate a business in partnership, each individual is treated as having a separate trade.  We can prepare partnership accounts from the accounting records. Since these accounts will then be used in the individual partners’ self assessment tax returns – with the income and expenditure being allocated between partners in accordance with the partnership agreement – we will ensure they include all tax allowance expenditure.

Limited Company Accounts

The Companies Act requires that every UK limited company prepares a set of annual (‘statutory’) accounts.  The law specifies the format that these accounts should take and also requires them to be filed with Companies House.  We can prepare statutory accounts for you from your accounting records and if you wish we will also submit them to Companies House on your behalf as part of our company secretarial service.

Other Accounts

We can prepare charity accounts that comply with the SORP regulations for charities, the Charities Act and Companies Act as applicable.

We are also able to prepare annual service charge accounts for residential management entities, in line with the best practice suggested by ARMA (Association of Residential Managing Agents), whether or not the entity is a limited company.